Prosthesis/orthosis what is it???

A prosthesis replaces a body part and takes certain features thereof.

An Orthotic brace, also known as, is a type of bracket that is used in the correction of body defects.


The palmrest is developed by MEDEJA in combination with another orthosis applied. Often the Palm support is already a standard part of the orthosis, but also with orthoses where this is not the case, the palmrest.
The palmrest is designed to support the hand. This can happen if the required muscles are too weak to keep the hand in a correct attitude either, because the Palm support an indispensable part to the functioning of the orthosis, such as that for example at the wear orthosis.


The palmrest with open construction is supplied in three standard sizes; Small, Medium and Large. The version with the fittingvlak is delivered in one size, but this can easily be made on the desired size.


There are no specific indication for the Palm support, because this only in combination with other orthoses is applied.